Monday, October 8, 2018

Multitasking like a Mad(Wo)Man

At my desk, fingers clicking relentlessly at the keys of a laptop which sits directly in front of me. A piece
of paper and pencil sit to the right ready to capture any notes I might need to take from the videos that
stream off the laptop that sits to my left. This is going to become the norm in the coming months. Every
spare moment committed to my desk.. to the future. But I will get to what that looks like momentarily.

45 in the Rearview

My life has been an adventure. I can’t begin to believe all the things I have done and seen and experienced. Highs and Lows alike. It has been amazing. It has been challenging. Holy Cow! And here I am only half way done. Assuming I live to 90 and based on genetics it seems highly likely. And I am ready to take the
future on.

Two years ago .. I could not say the same. Since we returned to the states, many have noticed that I have sort of disappeared from social networking and from connecting regularly with family. Being on the move like we have been, the computer has been my lifeline and some have found my disappearance
concerning. But the truth is that my attention has been uber focused at home; At getting us moved; At getting us settled; And most importantly at getting us healthy. Moving is hard and the level and extent to which we have moved in the last 20 years (every 2 to 4 years and the distances… egads!) had taken a
toll on all of us. And especially so on my daughter and I, whom have unfortunately inherited arthritic conditions (Only recently diagnosed) which have made our journeys all that more painful and difficult.
he process of getting from here to there has been enlightening. It has given me great insight into how the medical system operates; it’s limitations and its miracles. It also illuminated how the different specialties and services work to try and support one another. And I also became acquainted with some
of the shortcomings of the system. It has been its own education and journey.

45 and Beyond

I am relishing a rather pain free existence these days. It is a different place to be in. One that has opened up the possibility of me returning to the work force. In the last few months, I have been in deep contemplation of my direction and my course… putting my intention to return out there and feeling out
the suggestions the universe throws back at me. In doing so, I have stumbled upon my fate. A direction that I can utilize my Psyc. Degree. That I can work independently at. That I can draw from my wide ranging and diverse experiences. That I can assist and grow others. That actually embodies all that I am and draws together all my tangent interests. I have found my career bearings. I am in enrolled in the Institute of Integrated Learning for a certificate as a Health Coach. Ill be certified in June. This certificate will count as 90 credits towards my masters at SUNY if I decide to do that later. (Although at this point I
can’t imagine that I will.) In the background I have begun developing my business plan. I have determined my business name. I have purchased that website domain. I have begun building my business website. And the list goes on. Soon all of that will emerge in a visible format. Not yet but the
clock is ticking.

First.. Breath. Breath. Breath. Type Type Type… Drive Drive Drive… Run Run Run…Drive Drive Drive…Repeat

Much love to you all! I will see you on the other side. Im climbing a rather large mountain but the sites are going to be outstanding.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I know I have been silent waaaay to long when all of a sudden my phone starts blowing up with those "What Up, Sis?" texts.  And then I sit down here and realize that it really has been well over a month and I had promised that I was going to try to be more communicative. I shame myself as half-heartedly as I shame Dunken when he  noses around the counters and does what comes so naturally in his doggy nature.

I had to stop right there otherwise Toby would have gotten me like he did earlier:

I don't know where he learned such behavior! 

 Dunken, did I mention him my last post?  I think so but it was just at the beginning of his stay.  So.... Dunken.

Dunken is our most recent family addition (And probably the last one for a while). We though Rosie could use a friend. She is such a sweet girl and even though I am home quite a bit my attention is not always focused on her and it seemed as though she was feeling a little lonely. So we shopped around the local rescues in search of a dog who's energy was compatible with hers and the household.  Dunken seemed like a good fit and (despite a note in his file that he had a history being aggressive towards males) we brought him home.  We have all had to make a few adjustments to our routines to adapt. Primarily we recognized pretty quickly that his "aggression to males" was centered around the kitchen and dining room and really was a food aggression which is more easily provoked by males.  He is fine by my side when I am cooking and never shown any issue with me but when others come to dinner he gets put up. Over the course of the time  he has been with us (And with consistent training) his reactions have become less intense and he no longer acts when unprovoked and he warns us well in advance. Beyond that he is calm and quite the gentleman. He doesn't get on beds or couches. He uses his voice appropriately. He doesn't torment the cat. I could not be much happier with his company. He is quite the character. And Rosie seems a little more content.

In other somewhat animal related news:  I mentioned some where that I wanted to start dressing Rosie up. Was it here? I don't know. I finally got her skirt made. She is both regal

and sassy!!

Speaking of dressing up.. It was a stormy day and I was cleaning house. I picked up this necklace of Willows and was admiring it because it matched my bracelet.

 Then I detangled it and an idea was born... "Rosie Remakes." The following is some rough cut of Rosie and my staging part of an iconic scene from my childhood favorite "Neverending Story" Be forewarned. It is a very rough cut but I think it does well enough at simply capturing the scene. And Rosie could not be better cast as Bastion.  After all he looks like a girl.

Which brings me naturally to Connor.

He has been busy this summer with theater (As well as growing. He is now 5'11"). Last week he wrapped up an intensive summer 3 week summer musical theater program with three presentations of "The Little Mermaid." It was a well done play and Connor did fantastic in his roles. One of his roles was that of a soul at the feet of Ursula. He really embodied the role. I can't take any photos of the production but here are some  Trailers that were put together for promotion. You will see Connor a time or two.

Connor is now at the beginning of preparations for the Fall Presentation of "Legally Blond" His main role is as a Professor. However, he will be in the background of much of the rest of the play. Earlier this week he and I joined with some others and helped build the platforms for the performance.

As for Willow? Well... she has been... Well let me put it to you this way:

She hasn't fallen overboard, shes working for a living (or starting to) and riding the currents as they come. In other words, she is doing quite well. She started a full time position at a day care learning facility last week. She works with the little little ones and is enjoying it. Her body is managing as well. While patting babies to sleep does require stamina, it isn't as exhausting as hefting around 50 pound bags of flour. Her hours will shrink some when she starts school after Labor day. That doesn't mean there has not been any fun this summer. We did go see Old Crow Medicine Show and she has been working on art, dancing and other projects.

Greg... Everything is pretty much the same old same old with Work and all. When he isn't working or recovering from work he is usually working in the yard or the garage. We are currently planning out a vegetable Garden. And deciding what to do with Gregs car which needs a new engine again. He and I did take a break from the rigmarole and had night out. We went to Boston, got dressed up,

had dinner at the Chart House and then watched a rock band play on a boat as it was cruising the harbor at sunset.

What else has been going on? Enjoying lots of Vermont from the road. Peach Picking. Blueberry picking. I have been putting on the miles. But now, with school and jobs happening and life is starting to settle into some nice patterns, I .
 I intend to pull together some scenic footage from behind the wheel. In the meantime I will leave you with this gem.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You and I will walk together again

We have added a new member to the family. His name is Duncan. He is a hound dog hailing from South Carolina. He was given to a high kill shelter when his family moved and "rescued" just minutes before he got the needle. Hes 4 years old. Curious and quiet yet active (compared to Rosie) but calm. We got Rosie's approval first. She is very grateful that we didnt bring home Taz.. Who was a total spaz (I could not walk him without a harness) and he chewed Greg's glasses off his face. He was too much for Rosie and she wanted nothing to do with him. But Duncan she can tolerate.

Why did we get another dog? Despite my being in and around the house all day, Rosie has felt lonley and understimulated. I think this will help her out. Plus we helped save a life and.. the more the merrier.

And Toby? How does he feel about all of this? Well Toby is less concerned/scared than when we introduced him to Rosie. Toby is most annoyed by the fact that Duncan can reach his food dish. Duncan had a long body and a hounds keen nose. Those combined means he is good at finding food. However, he has yet to learn not to get up on the the counters.

Let the training begin.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

So where were we?

So where were we, again? I am afraid I have a lot of catching up to do. Not only here. But just about everywhere. It was a busy sort of rush for a while now (I'll get to all that here soon) that has abruptly dropped off and given over to lazy long hot days where getting caught up is a challenge when the pool gleams blue and the heat is exquisite. Play Relax Sleep Dream Cook (At the conclusion of all the events listed below, the Rheumatologist suggest that Willow and I switch to a Lectin Free diet so I have been focusing on learning some new recopies). Those have been the main activities over the last week. I know that such a state can't last though and work needs to get done. So I am starting with what seems like the biggest chore ahead of me.  Whipping out a blog really isn't that big of a job but the sheer volume of activity I have to unload is rather ..well.. massive. And the photos ..etc .. to go through.. So I will post a quick link below to an all encompassing photo album. The text below will match up to the sections in the album so you will have to switch back and forth for the full effect.

As We Approached The End 

I had a little bit of fun while creating Willows graduation announcements. One was of Willows head floating on a Roman column. Anyway, I thought this one summed up our recent silence during the last few months well.

So I think I last left you with the kids getting their learners permits. These pictures were taken at DMV. I took the third on just because he looked like he could have been a rocker in the 80's but the glory days are gone now, the tour bus has been emptied and now he has to learn to drive. It made me nostalgic..for Reno... Not really. But I did chuckle and I took a picture. The tattooed Roadie/rocker look is not unusual here.   Anyway, since then, Willow has taken a drivers ed course and just finished this past weekend. She has some time to put in with me first but by fall (at the latest) she will be licensed and on her own way.

Birthday Party Downtown:
Connor has made a decent little group of friends. For one of those friends birthdays, a "scavanger hunt" with a group of about 12 was had downtown. It was a cold rainy day. Items on the list where like: get a picture of a shopper in a band t-shirt (made that guys day), play duck duck goose, and so on. These pictures are a few choice moments from a fun afternoon.

They Might Be Giants:
The first concert of the Season: They Might Be Giants. We took Dylan (the fiance) with us. It was his first concert. The local venue has that good old bar feel and there are no seats but they allow all ages and just monitor who buys and is drinking. TBMG was enthusiastic and as ironic as ever. They opened with a song about wishing it was already the end of the show and that they were home in bed. And I don't doubt them. To still be rocking that hard when you are in your ..60s? Dylan enjoyed it. We all did. About a month later (and unfortunately with no photo documentation) Greg, Willow and I saw Ben Harper. It was Willows first blues experience. She didn't appreciate it as much as us old folks did.  Ben is still fantastic. And the lighting and stage arrangement was subtly done to evoke the sensation of a boxcar.  Sailing down the tracks it cast its light (just as Bens music/truth/being does)  out on us.. an ever changing scenery of swirling and swaying.  We have a few more concerts on the books to attend this month.

One Season Ends Another Begins:
The last of Cons Ice skating lessons for the Spring Season came to an end. Instead of taking pictures of that, I went to the beach (right outside the door) and enjoyed the first real day of Spring.

Prom: Dylan and Willow decided to attend only one of the Proms. They were a beautiful couple. According to Willow .. apparently there is no award for Prom King and Queen anymore. And they didn't play any slow songs.

Grad Challenge: Grad challenge is a year long project that seniors work on. Its a project of their choosing from which they must learn and demonstrate and discuss at the end of the year in front of a room of other students and parents. Part of the project requires internship and interviews with professionals .Willows Project was about starting her own business. Despite my desire to observe her presentation, I was asked not to as it would make her more nervous. She made it through it, barely. She had had a wardrobe malfunction and her professional skirt tore. She swapped it out for a semi casual dress with spaghetti straps. They almost failed her for seeing bra straps. Thank Heavens they didn't because she was super ready to be out of there.

Honor Society Induction: Willow was inducted into the Technical National Honor Society. She was part of the candle lighting and lit the second candle for Honesty. The first candle was lit for skill, however, the girl lighting it really didn't have any. It was rather sad.

Sick Puppers and Other Animal Tails:  Rosie got sick, or wasn't feeling good. She didn't really eat well for a month and then just would not get out of bed.  We are not quite sure what was going on with her. She had a run of tests. Her liver is small but functions fine. Her cortisol levels were a little elevated. We ran some extra tests to rule out bad things that that might mean. She is on a diet to loose some weight. But otherwise she seems to have returned to her natural state. Oh and the whale tails? That's this landmark/art thing here. Its also a dog walk area. There are no real stories about Toby. He is a lover, though.

Auditions Rehearsals and Performance: Connors friend had a dance recital. My previous experience with recitals was each class would come in and do something they worked on and then the next and so on. This was the story of the Beauty and the Beast and the dancers from all the classes wove through the story in a synchronized fashion. It was more of a theatrical dancing performance. The pictures are from that. The end of the school year got especially busy for Connor. On top of finals, he also had the Summer theater production (Little Mermaid Musical) to try out for as well as the Fall Theater Production (Legally Blond the Musical). This meant memorizing lines and dances for both in a relatively short intense period of time. He was cast in both. He has a few weeks off before he gets to work. And it is a lot of work.  And it will be non stop until November starts.

Dylan Graduation: We went to Dylan's Graduation. He attends a small mountain school. Last year 5 of the classmates who would have graduated this year died in a car crash. Much of the ceremony was about remembrance. Afterwards Willow had a chance to meet most of his family.

Mom Comes to Visit:  It was great to have mom here. The first morning I had this desire to grab her toes. I didn't of course but took a picture instead. She dropped right into the rhythm of our lives and the hustle of the last week of school. It was extremely pleasant but also very odd to have the laundry always done and ironed as well as having the kitchen cleaned without so much as lifting a finger. During her visit, I suppose we both had a little bit of a reprieve from our normal activities.   

Willows First Graduation and Connors Impact Project Night:  Both of these events occurred on the same night and so we had to determine how best to tackle the evening. What do I mean first Graduation? Well... the whole thing is a little complicated. Willow was enrolled in one HS but attended the Culinary Tech Program at the another. This Graduation was from the Tech School. I went to this event (Dylan was able to join us there) and the pictures are from that.  While waiting for the event to begin, I sort of got side tracked with the colors and textures at hand. Willow received a Chefs hat along with her diploma.  Meanwhile, Mom and Greg attended Connors event. All the freshman are expected to do an Impact Project. Much like the Grad Challenge, this is a self chosen area of interest that the student wants to learn about and demonstrate that knowledge. Connor's project had to do with plastic pollution. On this night each of the students stood near their poster Board and discussed their project with curious parents who circulated around. On another Note Connor also received the Excellence Award for his "House." "Houses" are a strange arrangement that the High School has adopted. Apparently it isn't an uncommon structure in other states but it was new to me. The incoming freshman are split into 4 different groups. These groups are called Houses. The first year of HS the freshman take all their core classes in the House and with the same quarter of the Freshman population. I could go on more but I wont. Long story short only two of these awards were handed out in each House. Nicely done Con.

Get Your Sing On Mom! These clips speak for themselves. Willow and Grandma had some special bonding times.

 New Wheels:  Part of Willows Graduation gift was a bike.

Convocation: Another long ceremony. What is the point of this one? Oh.. the handing out of awards. The Choir sung well.

The Second and Final Graduation: And finally the cycle of ceremonies came to its conclusion with a procession of bagpipes and a wave of red. Joining us was a friend of Willows who lives on the other side of the lake. Oh my gosh, Kim was a joy to have along with us. Willow was unexpectedly (Although with her the unexpected is always to be expected) expressive with her post certificate pickup dab. After the ceremony she could not get out of there quick enough. I don't have any of the typical Mom/Grad pics but I did get a few nice Mom/Daughter shots.

Lobsta on Da Lake: Willow had to work after her ceremony so she was not able to join us for a lobster and dancing cruise of the lake. We were happy to have Kim join us in her place.  Connor had one of his auditions the following day and quickly realized that the moves he needed to practice timed up well to the music that was playing.  The greatest dance hits of the 70s  seemed to be the Dj's preferred playlist. And so Connor was giving off a true stayin alive vibe.  The sights were spectacular. And the company fantastic.

Surprise:  Saturday Morning, I took Willow to Drivers Ed. While she was gone, our longtime family friend, Melissa arrived from her cross country red eye trip. Willow was not expecting her and it was great to see Willows glee at seeing Auntie M. I didn't capture that. But it was great.

Celebration: Willow had a few friends over for a BBQ and Pool Party. It was an afternoon of Mermaids, Margaritas and Merriment.  I also think I should turn mom into a meme.

Our Flurry of Activity Winds Down and Company is Enjoyed. (So are the Pool and the Garden): This is just sort of an odd assortment of moments. The Doll mysteriously kept changing positions. I didn't have cat scratch fever afterall but I did have Poison Ivy. And it was unpleasant. We saw Willow at work and enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

And So It Ends
School is over. Everyone has gone home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sweet Relief!

Today we celebrate two young people who will be taking to the road. Congrats on the learners permits guys!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Keeping Pace; Winning the Race

Early morning sunday. The yard begins to brighten as the slowly rising sun draws itself to peek over the horizon. I am not offered a  spectacular view of the sunrise or sunsets at our home but I know them for what they are worth and i can embrace that beauty with my eyes closed. So rather I watch shadows stretch and listen to birds sing as I sip my tea and welcome the day.. come what may.

Connor had a decent week. His big news is that he was accepted into the pre-tech program in engineering and industrial arts. What that means is that he will be spending next year focusing on a vast field and then as a jr/senior. He will take a more specialized set of courses intended to move him towards college and/or his future career. That boy is doing quite well and is on track.

This week the kids will be taking thier learners permit tests. Fingers crossed for both of them but I think they got this. Yikes. According to plan, Within a year or so my driving duties are going to ..poof.. disappear.  Then I write promote publish and produce in ernest. That's the plan anyway. And steadily I am starting to gain some speed.

It was a long week for Willow. There was a state level competition she was involved in called Skills USA. It was a two day seminar and overnight stay with interviewing, resume and technical skills being tested.
She says it was the most difficult thing she has ever done. She hated it. Wanted to throw herself over the banister. But she endured and saw it through. So in our book she is a winner.

Friday we finally got Willow into the rheumatologist. Although not everyone who has the genetic marker will demonstrate illness, she is showing signs. Her ankles are most definatly in part due to arthritis.  There are other signs too. A battery of blood tests where taken and then the dr. will make a final diagnosis and we can start working on breaking her out of the pain cycle and finally get her where she can move more easily. The discussion offered hope. We will see what our next steps are.

That wasn't all this last week has had in store for the young lady. She picked out her prom dress and also registered for her fall classes. She is coming along.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I raked half... well it might feel like i did that much but no... it wasn't even a quarter.  I raked up an eighth of my yard. Today temps climb to the 50s. Then plummet overnight as a bitter arctic cold washes over us.

I have to get to the yard now.. While it's still cold enough to keep life moving and rising slowly to the surface. Easter Sunday was quite apropo: A day of rebirth for so many and an usherer in of the Spring Season, also the day I sniffly got in the car with willow and she asked me if I was crying. When I looked at her puzzled, she said "Allergies Already?" And she is right. The snow just melted.

Buckle up boys, I'm calling my dr today to get a fresh inhaler. I'm prepared this year. It's not going to lock me down! Kick it's A##!